Huck Finn Restaurant

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Joanna Aloysia is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and guest contributor for ChicagoNoms. She has a love of great restaurants.

Huck Finn’s is a Chicago chain with three locations: Archer and Damen, 6560 S Pulaski, and Oak Lawn. The only location that I have any experience with is the Archer and Damen restaurant. This place is your classic diner locale; it’s on the South side in Bridgeport/McKinley Park. I love the atmosphere that is a result of that rockin’ South side character.


Fluorescent Lights and Etched Glass

Huck Finn’s is down the street from my father’s old shop so it is loaded with fond childhood memories of Saturday mornings choosing out a dozen donuts to share with my siblings. Let me tell you this place does donuts to perfection. I always wondered why I was disappointed with Dunkin’ Donuts and this place is the reason. They get fresh deliveries three times a day; which a wonderful tidbit I picked up from one of the late-night waitress when my group was so delighted with our donuts.

I’ve found myself becoming quite a regular at this diner, full on with a regular order: a cup of coffee with a chocolate glazed french donut that I share with my friend Suz who orders decaf (!) coffee and hash browns. They make a decent cup of joe here; it is plain coffee and real cream and does its job.


The above-mentioned Suz enjoying her decaf.

I end many of my nights here, especially late-night bike-rides and beach excursions. It’s open 24 hours and attracts many late-night clientele including closing-time clubbers and a steady stream of Chicago police. The waitresses are all wonderful and full of character. If you show that you love and appreciate the food and the diner they will shine right back at you. This diner is a muse for creativity and philosphical conversation. That may be the coffee and the sugar and the late-nights, but there is something special about this particular location and atmosphere that breeds the particular happiness and quality of conversation.

I give this place 4 noms. It is the sort of joint that one can return to again and again either to visit with friends or eat a donut and drink a coffee with a book in your hand. The classic atmosphere makes it.


Price Range: The Photo Major- The true “starving artists”- is the cheapest category. Photo majors spend what little money they don’t use on chemicals and film to buy Ramen. Imagine a cute kid trying to struggle to survive, all in the name of art! Coffee and a Donut is $3, leave a decent tip and get out of there for $6 flat. I’ve never dropped more than $10 here.

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