Mappamondo: 11 Abingdon Square, New York, NY

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Strange theme, awesome restaurant.

I thought it was only me who’s fascinated with old-fasioned light-up globes of the world. Wrong. There’s a restaurant devoted to them (and maps in general, but the light-up ones are harder to miss).

Mappamondo in NYC is a hella cute, overly-cozy Italian restaurant that’ll win your heart.

One a sticky summer night, myself and a few friends (with a Living Social voucher in hand) went to sample the cuisine.

I indulged in the, Frutti di Mar, a sampling of delicious seafood in a tomato sauce. The serving size was just right for the price. Definitely not too much, but I was happy with that- Americans are a little too eager for overly-hefty portions.

Service was a touch slow, but it was a crazy busy night. It was also really warm- they only had two window unit air conditioners that were working away to no avail.

I’d definitely recommend this place for a third date- it’s kitschy in the loveliest of ways. However, for us college kids, it might be sage advice to wait for a Groupon or Living Social deal to abound again before dropping a ton of money.

One of those places you'd take a friend to when he was in town, just to show how cool your town was.

The Price Rating: The Advertising Major- Kids who know they’ll get filthy rich soon enough- is the moderate category. Picture a kid with a briefcase and a blazer jacket.

Bar 6 (502 6th Ave.)

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Spiced Pear Cobbler. Heaven.

One late evening, my friends and I developed pangs of hunger. Not knowing where to go, we hit the streets.

To our (kind of) rescue, came Bar 6.

Their decor rocked, that’s for sure. Warm lighting with an industrial flair made it very comfortable for me. It did, however, have the strange smell of sewage. Perhaps this was just a one-off affair, as I sure hope it doesn’t always smell like that.

“It’s fine. Kinda pricey,” said Brandon. “The side of fries was surprisingly large. And they had an equally large price tag of $6.”

Lemonade. Made it way.

I ordered the Spiced Pear Cobbler and a mixed drink called the Bar6 Lemonade. They came at just over $20 together, but they were pretty well-worth the price. The cobbler came with a healthy scoop of ice cream, and it was absolutely delightful. I love crunchy hot sweet things, and this certainly delivered.

The lemonade, albeit it quick tart, was great. The alcohol was entirely masked, so I have no idea how much was in it, but I left feeling a bit fuzzy.

A few friends got burgers, and they seemed pretty content, though they did complain a bit about the price.

Our server was nice and pretty attentive, but it was clear they were near closing and wanted us to GTFO.

We were literally scootched out of the place, but it’s understandable as the place was hella ready to close.

In sum, it was great, albeit out of our price range by a bit.

Nommy. Not super nommy, but nommy nonetheless.

The Price Rating: Poorgeoisie- Rich hipsters who pay a lot to look poor- is the most expensive category. Imagine a snooty kid with a trust fund.

Amorino (60 University Place)

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Amornio's always have beautiful interiors | Image by shurraycmu via Flickr

As an avid dessert-lover, gelato has a special place in my heart. So rich, so sweet, it’s perfect for my pallet.

I spent all of last semester in London, and a delicious authentic Italian gelato place was a frequent stop for me. Amornio featured an excellent variety and a super-quaint and real feel. It probably helped that the server always spoke in a delightful and hard-to-place European accent.

An Amorino recently opened in New York, to my absolute delight. They’re so new, in fact, that the all-knowing Google Maps doesn’t even have them entered into their system.

The location, for me, is like a slice of London, and brings back tons of calorie-filled memories. For anyone who hasn’t had them before, it’s a must-have. They’re placed by a bunch of restaurants, making them the perfect place to stroll over on a nice hot summer night.


The Price Rating: The Advertising Major- Kids who know they’ll get filthy rich soon enough- is the moderate category. Picture a kid with a briefcase and a blazer jacket.

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Land (East Side, 1565 Second Ave.)

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My main course- veggies with tofu and rice.

A two course lunch for $9 is just one of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with Land.

Their minimalist decor and extremely attentive staff (seriously, they filled my water glass every time I took a sip) make it awesome.

I ordered a Land Salad as my starter with tofu and vegetables as my main course. The Land Salad was easily the most delicious starter I’ve had in ages. Crisp greens, fresh beet, hard-boiled egg and crunchy tofu croutons made it. There were a ton of flavors going on in my mouth.

My friend's food- looked a bit tastier.

Honestly, after this ridiculously good salad, the main entree was a bit of a let-down. Sure, the vegetables and tofu were good, but the sauce was too watery and the flavor seemed to be perpetually dripping off of the food.

For $9, though, it was still well-worth it. In the future I think a different main dish would leave me ridiculously happy.

They also have a dessert menu, but as it was lunch I was afraid of looking at it- knowing that I’d likely be required to get a dessert item if I saw one that was tempting.

Worth a return visit!

The Price Rating: The Photo Major- The true “starving artists”- is the cheapest category. Photo majors spend what little money they don’t use on chemicals and film to buy Ramen. Imagine a cute kid trying to struggle to survive, all in the name of art!

Ramen Takum (Union Square)

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fresh ramen noodle (ラーメンの生麺)

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I’m perpetually perplexed at the idea of Ramen being anything aside from the fried, unhealthy and sodium-ladened that I enjoy all too often.

Ramen Takum reminded me that it can be a delicious dish with lots of stuff aside from flavor enhancer.

I ventured over to it with my friend Jackie. After perusing the menu, I decide on a pork Ramen dish and she chooses a veggie option.

As an appetizer I order a seaweed salad. It’s awesome. Before I can even finish, though, our supper comes. I’m not complaining- fast service is always cool with me.

Our dishes are plenty hot, and super tasty. Mine has a hard-boiled egg in it, which is obviously exciting to me.

“Delightfully salty noodles across from a wonderfully enlightening friend, with an excessively attractive man two tables down,” said Jackie.

Indeed, there was an absolute babe near by us. Sigh. Anyway… food blog. Right.

As the Ramen dishes are served as a soup, there’s plenty of liquid to fill you up. I finished mine, but was left feeling pretty full.

In summary, the place was certainly enjoyable, and wasn’t too expensive. I’ll be returning.

Nommy. Not super nommy, but nommy nonetheless.

The Price Rating: The Cultural Studies Major- These grass-fed people-watchers love food that’s good for you, and with a major with no guaranteed paycheck, they don’t want to break the bank, though they’ll sometimes go a little high for something special.

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