Kopi Traveler’s Cafe (5317 N Clark)

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Kopi Traveler’s Cafe is a vegetarian cafe located in Andersonville on Clark St just north of Berwyn. This cafe is a bit out of the way for most people (unless you already live that far north), but it has always proven to be worth the trek. This is one of those rare cafes in which I frequently see people relaxing at alone, either with a book or studying. It is conducive to that solitary and studious atmosphere as well as a being a cozy, friendly space.  One of my favorite features is that there is seating near the front window at low tables, so that you sit on the floor amongst pillows to eat your food. It adds to the charm of this relaxing space. Of course there is regular seating away from the front window for those who would rather not sit on the floor.

It is impossible to order food quickly at Kopi Cafe simply because everything on the menu looks so delicious that you spend so much time trying to decide which item is the one you truly want. Kopi makes a killer Black Bean Burger, a deathly delicious Tomato and Goat Cheese Focaccia Sandwich, and a marvelous Camembert Sandwich (Camembert is like Brie cheese only creamier and less salty).  They have the most amazing selection of tea that is served in an adorable personal sized tea-pot with free refills on the hot water. My favorite is their San Francisco Spice (it’s spicy and naturally sweet). They even serve a Hot Sipping Chocolate which almost needs to be eaten by the spoonful it is so thick. And if you want to avoid temptation, do not look at their dessert selections on display – Flour-less Chocolate Cake, Scones, Carrot Cake, and Fruit Pies.

You can sit for hours visiting or reading while you eat and sip away at this wonderful restaurant. They recently began serving alcohol, but I am unable to vouch for its quality. I can’t give up my tea. And as an addition to their Eastern design scheme they have a cute new sign, which I wish that I could get a copy of – a poster with a Victorian lady and gentleman having a picnic under an umbrella on the back of a Rhinoceros . Delightfully absurd.


The Price rating: Cultural Studies- These grass-fed people-watchers love food that’s good for you, and with a major with no guaranteed paycheck, they don’t want to break the bank, though they’ll sometimes go a little high for something special. Enhanced by Zemanta