Ping Pong (Broadway and Aldine)

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Ping Pong is interesting. From its name, to the loud music played in the minimalist establishment to the fact that they serve their check on a ping pong paddle, they are not a typical restaurant. But, it works!

My friend Renea and I were hungry a few nights ago, and decided to simply walk about Lakeview late one night.

As we strolled past Ping Pong, music blared and the ambience of the dimly-light restaurant lured us in.

We were greeted by a polite server and immediately seated. A cute waiter brought out a appetizer of peanuts that were soaked in something (they looked fancy). He also gave us these nifty warm clothes that you use to clean your hands before eating (extra fancy).

I was feeling 5% awkward, as I had never experienced a place that offered such delicacies as marinated peanuts in shell or the luxury of washing your hands outside of the bathroom.

They had a few specials- and we decided to sample a maki roll. We also each got a noodle dish. I got glass noodles, Renea got pad thai.

The maki was awesome. Made with ingredients that were bursting with freshness, it was just a little spicy and made a perfect app.

Our noodle dishes came just a few minutes after, and they were also very fresh and very yummy. We were both unable to finish, and had our food boxed.

While prices were a little higher than I’d usually pay, the total came to just over $30, and that includes an app, two entrees and two very full bellies!


The Price Rating: The Advertising Major- Kids who know they’ll get filthy rich soon enough- is the moderate category. Picture a kid with a briefcase and a blazer jacket.

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