Ian’s Pizza (Chicago- Wrigleyville)

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ChicagoNoms reviewed the Ian’s Pizza branch in downtown Madison, but we were recently at the Wrigleyville location and definitely thought it could use its own review.

The Wrigleyville branch definitely has its own feel, while also staying true to the Ian’s name.

For example, the restaurant is painted in traditional bright Red, with the lovable Ian’s Pizza pie logo. But, they pay homage to their proximity to the Cubs and include a baseball in the logo.

One not-so-pleasant difference between this location and the Madison one is the music. They prefer to play loud, weird stuff. Not the best when you’re trying to yell your order to a worker with lots of people around.

They have some cool regional varieties of pizza that Madison doesn’t have, my favorite being S’mores pizza.

When I went with my friend Felicia, we both got two slices, which we agreed was more than filling. I grabbed a slice of a chicken parmesan and a piece of S’mores pizza to add a dessert.

The chicken parmesan featured rigatoni noodles with chicken and delicious cheese. It was cooked to perfection and tasted awesome.

They made the S’mores pizza while I waited (it only took about 14 minutes), so I got it when it was nice and fresh. With toasted marshmallow, bits of graham cracker, chunks of hershey chocolate bars and a nice drizzle of chocolate syrup, it was amazing. The end of the crust was a little overcooked, but that was a small worry, as the rest of the pizza was freckin’ sweet.

Overall, I am pleased that there is an Ian’s branch to serve my homesickness when it gets really bad. Nothing is the same as the one in downtown Madison, but this is a nice alternative!

Nommy. Not super nommy, but nommy nonetheless.

The Price Rating: The Journalist- Kids who are doing alright- this is the middle of the road. They are good with money, but aren’t going to get rich in an industry of dying newspapers.

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