Shaw’s Crab Shack (21 E Hubbard)

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Few places can capture the raw, unfinished quality of Chicago while simultaneously serving the tourist trap of the Mag Mile. Shaw’s Crab Shack does an excellent job of mixing the two, so both newcomers to the city and seasoned Chicagoans feel at home.

I wen with my friend and her boyfriend last weekend after working downtown.

“The atmosphere is great! It made me feel like I was in New Orleans,” Felicia said.

While the menu is certainly on the pricey side, they offer an excellent sushi menu that is in the realm of reason ability for a college student.

The restaurant has two seating options- one has an atmosphere is nautical and slightly retro, featuring quotes from famous authors regarding the sea; the other half is fine dining (needless to say this college student stayed far away from such).

As the name may insinuate, the place is seafood overload. Crab, of course, as well as shrimp, different fishes and lots of sushi options. I partook in sushi, which was a cheaper and tasty alternative (a standard meal cost at least $20).

Felicia got a cup of the lobster bisque soup. I had all of one spoonful and was wowed by its rich flavor.

“The lobster bisque was to die for! I will definitely be going back!” Felicia said.

To top it off, there was even live music, giving the restaurant an authentic feel while entertaining us while old people danced.

I can comfortably echo Felicia’s word (perhaps on more spendy occasions), “I will definitely be going back!”


The Price Rating: Poorgeoisie- Rich hipsters who pay a lot to look poor- is the most expensive category. Imagine a snooty kid with a trust fund.

Boston Blackie’s (Grand and St. Clair)

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As my group of cronies walked into Boston Blackies, Michael Buble greeted us with an awesome cover of Queens’ “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

Pink fluorescent lights glowed from the bar, and it gave off a delightfully retro feel. Think 1930′s. Our waiter, a cute man with a non-distinct accent, took amazing care of us.

The menu, a minimal but wide variety of fish, foul and a few other options, offers pretty reasonable pricing. One trick- which a lot of Chicago establishments do- is charging for typical add-ons like cheese or onions if not included in the menu description.

Coming from Wisconsin, I’m not used to that. But, it’s a small price to pay for the amazing variety of food in Chi-town.

We started with potato skins, which proved to be the right choice. They were extra-large, with lots of fresh cheddar cheese (again, I’m from Wisconsin, I notice these things). Topped with fresh green onion and sour cream, we were all pleased with them.

I ordered the Fish ‘n Chips, with an enjoyable beer batter on fresh fish.


My buddy Brian got the Black Burger. His only complaint- the onions were undercooked. Aside from that, he was in beefy heaven. If he had been really unsatisfied with the onions, I’m certain our waiter would have personally put them in the pan a bit longer.

Caro, the other friend to accompany me, also ordered a burger. She’s not as daring, though, and got it with just some cheddar and a side of ranch.

“The burger was cooked to perfection, but it was flavored rather blandly,” said Caro with a slightly disappointed look. “Overall, mediocre across the board.”

She ordered a side of fries (they’re not included in the price of the burger, which is about $8), and they didn’t have enough crunch or salt for her (she is from the south, after all).

Caro is a ranch dressing fanatic. She’ll put it on anything. Seriously. Fries? Yes. Pizza? Of course. Chick strips? Duh. In a milkshake? Why not.

Pink lights = Delicious retro feel

So, when a place offers ranch not up to her standards, she judges. They ranch, she claims, was too salty. Things weren’t looking good in her opinion.

But, we decided to split some raspberry cheesecake for dessert ($4). She enjoyed it, and her thoughts of poor Blackie’s were increased a bit.

In the end, our total came to $61.21, which included an appetizer, three entrees, a few extras (cheese on Caro’s burger, a side of fries), two soft drinks, a martini, and a piece of cheesecake.

Worth another visit!

Price Rating: The Journalist-Kids who are doing alright- this is the middle of the road. They are good with money, but aren’t going to get rich in an industry of dying newspapers.